XP Farming is the process of spamming high-value materials and objects in order to gain Experience Points and thus progress through the levels at a significantly faster rate than conventional methods.


Expensive Props Method

There are multiple methods for XP farming, the most common and pervasive method is the Small Teleport Spawn method.

This method involves the use of an auto clicker, which is not necessary, and any high-cost materials. A lot of Experience Points can be gained very quickly this way however, this can cause server-wide lag and can result in the loss of significant quantities of Currency. (Leaving the server will give all currency back, fortunately.)

Probably a much more effective alternative to this is placing Wedge Goldenhare Armours, since they always provide XP equal to an amount higher than their costs.

Dual Account Killing Method

This is a much rarer and much less effective method for XP farming, however, it also carries the benefit of earning Cash and Achievements.

Dual Account Killing can be done by two people, with one of them being repetitively killed by the other player and vice versa. On Windows 10 exploiters can run two or more accounts can be run by the same player at the same time, allowing for a more direct control, however, due to the nature of this method, most people who perform it are generally exploiters.

Hunting Method

This is a much more traditional method and involves going around in a Speed Boat and using a Pistol or Handheld Cannon and attacking weak and unarmoured ships and players. Although it is preferably best on servers with lots of new players. The majority of players who try this rarely succeed as other experienced players with a vast majority of skill can quickly destroy entire servers. The added benefit being that if the hunter survives, they receive the Cash Prize at the end of the round.