Hello, welcome to the Whatever Floats Your Boat Wiki! Before posting, we suggest you read the rules here. In this wiki, you will find everything you need about Whatever Floats Your Boat, also known as WFYB, which was created by the talented Quenty from Roblox. If you want to report or suggest feedback on the game, follow this link to the Whatever Floats Your Boat Trello. This wiki is not yet affiliated with Quenty.



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Game Description

A basic summary of the game

Whatever Floats Your Boat is a unique blend of PvP, flood survival, and building made by Quenty. Players are given time to build a boat, and when the water rises, players are given weapons and can attack each other and destroy other eachothers boats. You get rewarded with money and Experience Points every time you survive a flood. Earn Experience points to level up to unlock more Props for more features!

Your imagination is your key component for the creation you are going to unfold.



A list of all the parts in WFYB with their stats, costs, and in-game description.


Learn how to build and fight in WFYB!


A feature list of whats in the game.


Discuss, and talk about the wiki on the Discussion page!


Where you go to see the latest patch notes and game updates.


WFYB's community where people can talk with Floatsmen or other users.


The Official WFYB Subreddit where you can talk about the game or post your creations.

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