Once you join the game, you have about 8 locations to spawn on. All of these locations are on the same map, and it doesn't matter whether you spawn on Point A, B, C, up to the 8th letter of the alphabet. Your main goal is to build a boat with the limited amount Cash and if you're beyond that, it's up to your imagination and the Limited Prop Amount

If you press E on your keyboard, a Build Menu will pop up with a list of Props. The different types of props are based solely on your level, although another player on the same team as you can place props on your boat. You can level up by placing these blocks and surviving rounds.

You have 3 minutes to build your boat before the Flood starts. You can always save your boat by navigating your cursor to the bottom left corner of your screen and clicking the green button. When you're taking your first steps into the game, it's best to build an inconspicuous boat that will protect you from other players.

When the flood starts, all players are given a pistol and a sword (Players who access a weapon crate get a handheld cannon in their inventory). The goal is to be the only survivor left once the flood ends. Oh, and you get exp. for killing players!

If you survive the round, you get Experience Points and Cash. Leveling up gains you access to more types of props, leading to advanced crafts that keep you alive for a lifetime.

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