Glitches are things that happen in games that are not intended. This is a list and information on notable bugs and glitches in Whatever Floats Your Boat.

Minor Glitches

  • This glitch is useful, and well known. You can put Ice Shields where your boat touches the ground, and if your boat is light enough, you can "drive it"
  • You can spawn a flying boat outside of the map borders, and then fly forever, and you can use this to Cash Farm. (Disclaimer: Balloons may glitch out, and you may reach excess of 4,000 speed)
  • Although the game tells you that you can't shoot through walls, sometimes it lets you shoot through walls, but it has to be a very thin wall like a shield. This glitch does not work all the time.

Notable Glitches

  • When sitting in a seat, it is possible to teleport and the boat will go to the area you teleported to. However, this glitch sometimes does not work.
  • If you do the glitch mentioned above and you have either the Old Cannon Turret or the Wolf Cannon Turret on your boat, the cannons will glitch crazily.
  • There is a glitch where you can make flying boats or very fast boats with Goldenhare Armour.